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Norwex Products

These products change peoples lives….read on!

Ergonomic Toilet Brush & Holder

Our new Toilet Brush with ergonomic handle and non-slip grip is made with unique rubber bristles that work like magic to clean the bowl.

The special extension makes thorough cleaning under the rim quick and easy. The brush rinses completely clean with water, and when stored, it doesn’t come into contact with the base, allowing for fast air drying.

For more information check out this video:

A Guide to Deep Cleaning your Home or Cabin

Hire out or do it yourself in a chemical free way with Norwex cloths and water. Faster, easier, healthier…Norwex IT!

Windowswash with wet Enviro Cloth, followed by polishing with dry Window Cloth.  For hard to reach or larger windows use the Norwex Mop.  Mop brackets well secure the window cloth on the mop base.

Window screens – remove dust with a Dusting Mitt and then run a damp Enviro Cloth over the screens – your screens will look like new.

Washing walls – remove greasy finger prints and grime with a damp Enviro Cloth OR wash the entire wall and ceilings with just water and the Norwex Microfiber Mop.  The dry mop pad is ideal for removing drywall dust from walls.

Kitchen cupboards – sanitize your kitchen cupboards inside and out with a damp Enviro Cloth.

Oven – warm oven up to 100°F and turn off.  Spray interior of oven with Oven & Grill Cleaner.   Leave on for 5 minutes and wipe off with an Enviro Cloth.  Once finished, heat oven to 200°F for 10 min. to remove any product that may not have been wiped away.

Mattresses – spray with the Norwex Mattress Cleaner every three – four months – rid your mattress of dust mites, pet and human dander and dust mite feces.

Light fixtures and ceiling fans – dust with a Dusting Mitt or a dry Enviro Cloth.

Various tough jobs – the Norwex Cleaning Paste is excellent for cleaning stainless steel, stove tops, tubs, rust spots and more.  Commonly known as “elbow grease in a jar”.

Dusting under or behind the beasts – (fridge, stove, washer, dryer, etc).  This task is fast and easy when using the dry mop pad first to remove dust bunnies and debris, followed by washing with the wet mop.

Launder & store out of season items – wash with Norwex Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent.

With Norwex you’ll have your spring cleaning done in record time and that’s a good feeling.

When you Travel, Don’t Forget to Pack….

A small spray bottle filled with Norwex Mattress Cleaner!  Why?  Because you’ll sleep better knowing dust mites and all organic material are being eliminated from the mattress!  At home I just spray the mattress because I launder the blankets regularly but when staying in a hotel I spray the blankets, pillows and sheets all at once!   It works its way through to the mattress and it DOES give you piece of mind!

My Body Pack travels everywhere with me because there is no easier way to remove makeup and is gentle on the skin.

The Norwex Turban is another time saver. Oh my gosh….wear it for 10 minutes and it absorbs 70% of the moisture out of your hair !  Saves time and heat damage to your hair….LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

Gifts You’ll Love to Give and They’ll LOVE to Receive!

Some of our most popular gift items are the Norwex Toothbrush, Crystal Deodorant, Body Pack, Car Cloth, Optic Cloth!   Consider giving the gift of green – give Norwex!  Follow the highlighted product links for more details and the opportunity to purchase these products.


An Awesome Gift for Sports Enthusiasts – Norwex Sportzyme

SportzymeNorwex Sportzyme is amazing at GETTING RID of stink of sports equipment, including running shoes and HOCKEY EQUIPMENT.  It doesn’t just mask it ….its all natural enzyme formula eliminates organic odour and is simple to use…just spray directly on equipment after each use.

I share this as a hockey mom and I have to tell you the at the bigger the kid the bigger the stink!  This product is so popular I’ve done fundraisers with hockey teams!

WOW… Check out our Amazing New Products!!


Norwex has just launched the following new products at our 2012 Annual Conference.

Follow the links to view pictures OR call me and we’ll set up a live demonstration. You can be the Hostess and earn your products for free.  Call me to save your date.


Timeless Eye Cream

Fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are reduced, leaving me with brighter eyes and a fresher look. Just a drop tapped lightly into skin around the eye area prior to applying moisturizer, will provide the appearance of more youthful skin.

The Timeless Eye Cream is a great addition to the anti-aging therapy which the Naturally Timeless Norwex Line offers.  Like all of our products this comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so that you can feel comfortable and completely assured that it will work for you.

For more information check out this video:

Vintage Colour Three Pack Body Pack

Pre-teen acne or mature acne is no longer an issue for so many of our clients. There is no reason to use harsh chemicals to clean your face or reduce acne… simply use water and the Norwex Body Pack.  Not sure about this testimony, no problem, all our products come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Try it for yourself. You be the judge!

I’ve seen a remarkable difference in my skin since using this product and I’m thrilled that they’re now available in fresh new colours. The Vintage Pack includes Teal, Latte and Cream and coordinate with the new Microfibre Bath Towels.


Tile Mop Pad

The Norwex Mop System is the #1 reason people book Norwex Parties.  It makes cleaning your floors, walls & windows fast and easy!

Ask anyone who has our Mop System and you’ll find they all say the same thing – “I love my Norwex Mop” .  It cracks me up that in 2012 women say out loud that they love their mop.

Norwex has added this special Mop Pad for Tiles to the collection. Also great on linoleum, especially floors with divots or surface patterns where dirt can get trapped.

The Tile Mop Pad is sold separately, a great add-on to your Norwex Mop System.

For more information check out this video:

Bath Towels

I’ve always loved our Bath Towels, but I have to say I love these new colours… and they match my bathroom LOL.  Available in a variety of sizes in Latte or Teal.

Super absorbent, super soft and they are Antibac meaning they have a silver agent imbedded in them.  The micro silver in the cloth goes to work with self purification properties against mold, fungi and bacterial odour within 24 hours.

For more information check out this video: